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If you know that you need to file for bankruptcy and you know that you qualify to file for bankruptcy, and you want to expedite the process, you can download and print all of the paperwork that I would have otherwise provided you at an initial consultation. Since every case is different and requires different amounts of time and expertise, the attorney fee may differ depending on your individual circumstances. An estimate of the fees and costs can be found here: BANKRUPTCY FEES & COST 


The paperwork you will need to download and print include: 1) Check List of Documents Needed; 2) Online Credit Counseling Provider; 3) Bankruptcy Questionnaire Form; 4) Bankruptcy Disclosures; 5) Bankruptcy Information Sheet; 6) 11 USC 342 (b) Notice; and 7) Steps through the Process.

Once you have gathered all of the documentation that applies to you on the Check List of Documents Needed, filled out the Questionnaire Forms, signed the Disclosures, and read the Bankruptcy Information Sheet, you can make an appointment to get your bankruptcy case filed as soon as possible. By doing all of the above, you can skip the first initial consultation appointment and start your case right away. To make an appointment, you can give our office a call or make an appointment from this website by clicking the "Book Appointment" button: 

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