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bankruptcy fees & costs

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Most of the cases I file are Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. I charge a flat fee for Chapter 7 cases. I also charge a flat fee for Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Typically, most attorneys charge the same flat fee for Chapter 13 cases, however, each attorney may request a different "up front" fee prior to filing your case. Some attorneys charge an hourly rate rather than a flat fee. A flat fee allows you to know up front how much you are going to pay for your case. Below are the anticipated fees and costs for both a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.



  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Flat Fee (Payment Plans Available - Pre-Filing):

    • Single Filer - Not married, or married and separated: $1,000

    • Married Filers Filing Jointly - $1,100


  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Flat Fee (Payment Plans Available - Post-Filing): $4,000 flat fee for single filers and married filers. A portion of the $4,000 attorney flat fee is usually paid prior to filing your case. The balance of the Chapter 13 flat fee can be paid over the 3 to 5 year payment plan to creditors. 




  • Chapter 7 Filing Fee - $338 (Your filing fee may be paid in four installments. The first installment of at least $75 must be paid at the second appointment and the balance can be paid over three months to the court after filing). 


  • Chapter 13 Filing Fee - $313 (Must be paid at filing).


BANKRUPTCY CREDIT REPORTs (credit reports from equifax, experian & transunion):

Credit Report Benefits Include: LexisNexis liens & judgments report, eight-year bankruptcy search, credit score, post-bankruptcy credit score predictor, and bankruptcy-specific addresses.

  • Individual Bankruptcy Credit Reports - $37

  • Joint Bankruptcy Credit Reports (married couple) - $74


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