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Below is an overview of the steps our office takes to help you file for bankruptcy. More information can be found above under the bankruptcy heading, including information on Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the fees and costs associated with filing for bankruptcy, frequently asked bankruptcy questions and answers, and a link to handy informational bankruptcy guides and pamphlets that you can download and print. 


  • (THE FIRST APPOINTMENT) Jason will meet with you at his office to discuss your financial situation and provide possible solutions to issues that need addressed prior to filing a bankruptcy. The various steps involved with filing your case will be discussed and the paperwork to get started on your case will be explained and provided to you. This meeting is FREE of charge and typically lasts a 1/2 hour.


  • (THE SECOND APPOINTMENT) Jason will meet with you to go over the paperwork provided to you at the first consultation. He will also download and provide you with your bankruptcy credit reports that have a list of your creditors, their addresses, and the approximate amount of debt owed to each creditor. After this appointment, we will prepare your case file, and once our office has completed your file, we will have you review the case file prior to filing your case and have you sign the paperwork where necessary.


  • (THE MEETING OF CREDITORS)  About a month after your case is filed, Jason Couey will prepare for and accompany you to the Meeting of Creditors, which takes place downtown at the Thomas S. Foley US Courthouse. The date, time, and location of the meeting will be mailed to you by the Bankruptcy Court about a week after your case is filed. 

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